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Uber-Luxury Apartment at Nepean Sea Road
Every Mumbaikar has dreamed of living by the breathtaking sea views. For apartments perched at Nepean Sea Road with a horizon extending to the Arabian Sea and South Mumbai, our clients came with the most straightforward requirements– a home that stays extroverted to Mumbai’s charming views.
Designed for a multi-generational family and spread across two different floors, each apartment bathes in neutral magic. In this home, the views do the talking while the rest of the interiors stay sublime. The 10,150 sq. ft. area is divided into three individual apartments. Every space bears the unique imprint of residents while keeping the design language harmonious with one another.
The first zone– occupied by the owner and their mother, is a living canvas of grey. As residents step into this modest home, the soothing hues and natural views wrap them to redirect their minds toward a zen setting. The second zone is a space for a young couple, whereas the third serves as a bachelor pad for their younger son.

A Space for Stories: The Living Room as a Conversational Hub

uber luxury project 4
The living room is one of the most captivating zones of the first apartment. It is divided into three spaces: formal seating, an informal lounge with a coffee bar, and casual seating.
The sofa set, humbly stylish centre table, and mad joker chair anchor the formal seating in an incredibly inviting style. The living space stemmed from the core concept of keeping the entire room conversational—be it the dialogues through design or within the users.
uber luxury project 4
This space further leads to a one-of-its-kind casual setting with a coffee bar. It is a sweet spot between the formal and informal– brewing coffee and conversations. Owing to the versatility of the design, it doubles up as an informal dining space. The Poltrona Frau leather stools add comfort and sophisticated visual appeal.
The inspiration for this extended living space started from the client’s brief of keeping the design monolithic, subtle, yet social. Proceeding from the coffee bar, one enters the low casual seating, accommodating a linear sofa to keep the conversation going.
uber luxury project 5

Dining Space– Crafted as per Taste

The client particularly demanded a quiet and memorable dining space in the first apartment. Sitting in an enclosed area lets the residents unwind while enjoying their favourite cuisines. Expansive views opening up to the cityscape further make the experience delightful. Incorporating Vibia’s horizontal rhythm light adds substance to this otherwise sublime interior.
On the contrary, the dining space for the second apartment is open, warm, and welcoming. What makes it interesting is the odd number of seats– seven! Defying the conventional bulky look, our designers conceived the concept of keeping it light. Its 9-foot cantilevered design nails the art of making the first impression. The floating table enjoys sitting over a beautiful grey natural terrazzo flooring, making it appear even lighter.
uber luxury project 5
Resonating with the bachelor’s energy, the dining space for the third apartment features a sleek table with high chairs– keeping everything young and modern. While the wall surface remains subtle and monochromatic, artwork by Shital Shah and decorative lighting become immediate accents.
At Talati and Partners, we believe in fostering natural conversations between users and spaces. Our bespoke design hosts every resident with a timeless symphony of art, textures, and vivid natural views. From quiet elegance to modern sophistication, each dining space reflects residents’ style knitted into the broader narrative of home.
uber luxury project 6

A Home for Culture

While the design revolves around a modern lifestyle, it also houses culture. The pooja room in the first apartment incorporates inscriptions, statues, and figures reflecting religion and traditions.
The unique flooring breathes life into this room. It augments the experience of natural mogras being thrown on the floor. Comprising four tones, the mother-of-pearl flooring stands out against the sublime palette.
uber luxury project 8

Bedrooms– Mastering the Zen

Transcending from the common to the private zone of the first apartment, the master suite is divided into two sleeping chambers. Reflecting upon clients’ demand, the 400 sq. ft. of space is a dedicated sanctuary for the house owner. This is where the time slows down, luxury amplifies, commotion recedes, and calm reigns.
The hints of warmth with walnut wood and a designer banana-leaves light from Oorja are complementing the all-things-grey. Keeping a solid eye on detail and utility, designers camouflage storage within the grid lines of wallpaper.
uber luxury project 9
As one steps into the master bedroom of the second apartment, the mood board narrates a tale, keeping up with the minimal ethos. While the walls stay muted, the design lets natural terrazzo flooring talk. It introduces a modern glamour and crafts something refreshingly new.
The perfect monochrome and a minimal backdrop foster indoor and outdoor dialogue. Full-height windows offer a complete city view while keeping residents from urban chaos.
Done up in the shades of grey, the bedroom for young users features natural terrazzo flooring, adding a playful flair. The critical standout element of the room is the balcony, which fosters a relationship beyond glass skin.
Projects Details
Client : Undisclosed
Project status : Completed

This luxurious residential project spans 10,150 sq. ft., divided into three individual apartments across two floors. Each apartment offers unique features, including breathtaking sea views, a blend of modern and traditional design elements, and bespoke interiors that reflect the residents’ lifestyles.

The first apartment, designed for the owner and their mother, features soothing grey tones and a zen atmosphere. The second apartment is crafted for a young couple with an open and welcoming dining space, while the third apartment is a bachelor pad with a modern, sleek design.

Three Apartments, One Commitment– Art

Despite the unique character of every apartment, the commitment to art remains common. The interior design of these apartments mutes the city’s hustle and bustle with neutral tones and minimal design. Amidst the reign of the grey colour palette, artworks by Manjit Bawa, Shital Shah, and Paresh Maity garnish the minimalism with an elegant twist.
uber luxury project 11 1
Shital Shah, herself an artist, lets the art talk in her apartment. The placement of customised artwork—spindles in the coffee area—brings a jungle gym of shapes to the space. These are strategically positioned to conceal the duct door within the brass mesh.
For the bachelor pad, artefacts break through the neutral tonality with a pop of tones, thus lending a vibrant personality to the space.
uber luxury project 11 1

The Meditative Monochrome

uber luxury project 12 1
The clean lines of art, furniture, and play of materiality gracefully drape this home in calm. A blend of delicate textures and soothing tones helps attain zen while speaking volumes for warmth and luxury. The mindful interaction of monochromatic spaces with art fosters a meditative experience without boring the space.
uber luxury project 12 1
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